Chair's Newsletter

 June 2024

Several things this month and some positive steps taken.

The section of slide in the Children’s play area in Queens Road has now been replaced, Although there will be some further repairs needed in the near future.

You may have noticed that the Cemetery Lych Gate has been repaired and we are really pleased with the standard and efficiency with which it was done.

Following residents informing us of some anti-social activities going on in the Millenium Garden, we have had the hedge cut back and lowered for better visibility. Hopefully this will deter further nuisance. We would like to remind residents that they should inform the Police in the first instance. They will monitor the situation.

You may have also noticed that the white lines in Leighton Lane have now been painted by Highways.

Some great feedback from our Bus representative who many of you may know already. Susan Ehmann. She is going to attend other Parish council meetings and groups to raise more awareness throughout the area.

We now have welcomed two new councillors, who have joined the Parish Council in the last few weeks. Cllr’s Bethan Stanley and Christian Sellar. That leaves us with just one vacancy. If anyone feels it’s something they would like to get involved with, then please contact the clerk:

The next meeting will be Tuesday 2nd of July at 7pm at the Village Hall.

Lesley Parham - Chair Evercreech Parish Council 

May 2024


The Annual Parish Meeting took place on Wednesday 10th of April. This is not a Council meeting but a meeting for various groups and residents to come together. Numerous groups from the village were represented including The Food Saving Project, Wilfs Wood, the Youth Club, the Linus Project, Evercreech Village Hall. Groups, such as The Old Stores, History Society and others, unable to attend sent apologies and an update.

The local PCSOs and the CEO of Bath & West Carol Paris, also came to give us a talk on their roles and how they get involved with the village. Somerset Cllr Clare Sully updated us on where we are with Highways issues, such as Speeding restrictions at Pecking Mill corner and the parking situation in Victoria square.

It really was a productive evening.

The Annual Parish Council Meeting, which is for the Council, will be on Tuesday 7th May at 7pm in Evercreech Village Hall. Here we will be choosing the Chair, Vice chair and assigning committees and working groups.

We welcome on board Cllr Bethan Stanley as a new councillor, that leaves us with two vacancies. As always, if you are interested please contact the clerk

Lesley Parham Chair Evercreech Parish Council


March 2024

The skate park official opening was held on Sunday 17th March. Not the spring weather we would have liked but the rain held off and it was a great success.
It was a long time coming and could not have happened without the help of our generous contributors, including the (soon to be Sir)Michael Eavis, who arrived to cut the ribbon and declare the skate park open.
On the day a team of volunteers made it a real community event.

Our thanks to Ben Dufton for his unique skatepark design and The old Stores Studio for their work with the community graffiti project; to Lee Richardson and The Big Fam disco, to the Sports Club and Victoria Cakes for providing snacks and hot drinks.

We currently have 3 Councillor vacancies.

30 mph signs are being moved in Stoney Stratton, and a member of the public has stepped forwarded as our Bus representative.

 Lesley Parham - Chair.


February 2024

This month we saw the completion of the skatepark, great feedback has been received from the young people already using the facility.

There will be a formal skatepark opening on Sunday 17th March. Time to be confirmed. On the day we will have lots of things happening including a visit from Sir Michael Eavis who is one of our main contributors. Look out for further information on What’s up in Evercreech and the Parish Council website.

The Parish Council also agreed on the yearly budget in an extremely difficult year.

Plans to commission repair works to the Cemetery Lych Gate and Village Cross are underway.

We have 3 vacancies on the council. Easier than you think to join!

Please contact the clerk in the first instance for further information.

Lesley Parham – Chair, Evercreech Parish Council.


January 2024

At our January meeting on the 9th we had invited members of West Estates to talk to us ahead of the Former Greencore appeal starting on the 10th.

5 of their representatives attended and we had the opportunity to ask questions to clarify some points raised by various people.

At the start of the appeal, we had representatives Cllr Gail Wakeford and Cllr Roy Williams attend on behalf of the Parish Council.

They were allowed to speak in public forum to re-enforce our concerns and Cllr Wakeford was invited to attend the site afterwards.

If planning permission is granted under the appeal, the clean-up of the site will take approximately 6/7 months.

A very difficult decision around agreeing the new budget for the next financial year and indeed the precept needed to balance the budget,

As you will be aware Somerset Council is having financial difficulties which in turn affects Parish Councils across the county.

The skatepark is almost at completion and could actually be finished at time of publication.

There will be a planned opening day arranged to invite our generous donors and celebrate the new modern equipment that our young people will be able to enjoy for years to come. Look out for information and please get in touch if you would like to get involved with the opening:

There are still 2 vacancies for Parish Councillors. Please contact:

The next Parish Council meeting will be February 6th at 7pm, village hall.

Lesley Parham

Chair – Evercreech parish Council


November/December 2023

The Parish Council hopes that all residents (have/ had) a good Christmas and wish for a healthy happy 2024.

December, we saw the lighting of the Christmas tree at the church, and what a beautiful tree it is.

Thanks to Julian Shave and 3 Counties for sourcing and planting! and to the Church again for the mulled wine and mince pies and for generally hosting so, friends and neighbours could gather.

The Skatepark construction has now begun. Initially fencing and groundworks would have started before Christmas. Looking forward to seeing this develop and be able to give it back to our young people early 2024.

There are still funds needed to continue the project, but we are hopeful this will be in place in time for completion.

The village clean up is continuing to see improvements.

At the time of writing, we still have 2 vacancies for a Parish Councillor, if you are interested, then please contact the Clerk in the first instance.

It is merely a case of an application form and co-option by other councillors.

The next meeting will be in the rear room of the village hall 7pm on January 9th 2024.

Lesley Parham - Chair Evercreech parish Council 

October 2023

Firstly, may I warmly welcome our new Cllr, Cllr Sharp. Cllr Sharp brings to the Parish Council a wealth of knowledge both in finance and local government. This means we currently have 2

co-opted Cllr vacancies. Please contact The Clerk; for further details.

Thanks go to Cllr Wakeford for planting and offering to maintain the circular planter on Prestleigh Road, at the entrance of the village, a much more pleasant approach to the village now.

The Village Cross. You will have noticed the fencing around the cross. The Cross is in need of renovation and as a Grade I listed building, architects and English Heritage have to be involved. The Parish Council are currently in talks with English Heritage regarding a grant towards the substantial costs of the renovation.

Community Christmas Tree. Arrangements for this will be announced shortly. Due to the fencing still being in place, alternative arrangements for the positioning of the tree are being discussed with various parties. However, the 2nd of December is earmarked for the lighting of the tree.

The ex Greencore site planning application goes before an appeal on the 8th November. Members of the public are invited to attend. Details can be found on the Somerset Council website.

The Parish Council have entered into street cleaning arrangements so our village should begin to look spick and span again in the coming months. I will be arranging litter picks in those areas not covered by the street cleaning arrangements – please look out on Facebook for dates etc. Thanks to all residents who attend to the areas (especially weeds growing against their boundary) outside of their home, it does make a difference!

Lesley Parham

Chair, Evercreech Parish Council.


September 2023


The Parish Council still have a number of ongoing projects.

The Skatepark is still awaiting an update on commencement although the design has been agreed,

The company undertaking the work has been on catchup since Covid and we are hoping for later in the year. (Weather permitting) or at least early spring.)

I’ve been asked why there is fencing around the monument (Preaching Stone) near the church,

This is due to needing reparation works and will be undertaken shortly.

You should start to see, verges and hedgerows being dealt with, though Somerset Council will prioritise roundabouts. Junctions etc on main roads first, if you feel visibility is poor in some places, please report as usual.

When the verges have been cut back, I’ll be able to see where it will need litter picking again.

I’m pleased to say that so far, the areas we tackled early in the year have been kept fairly clear of rubbish.

Just to remind residents that you are responsible for weeds etc growing against your property wall and maintaining hedges that overhang onto the highway. Any problems, please let us know.

We currently have a vacancy for a street cleaner and has been advertised and still have a need for 3 more councillors. Please contact the Clerk

Next meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd October at 7pm in the Village Hall.

Lesley Parham

Chair, Evercreech Parish Council



August 2023

The first meeting of the new LCN (Local Council Network) was held on the 31st July with many in attendance.

This was made up of Parish and Town Councillors, alongside clerks and county councillors, all coming together to discuss the priorities in the areas represented. There is a dedicated team of officers and County personnel in place to facilitate and support the group going forward.

It was evident that there was a common theme of concerns within the parishes, speeding, parking, housing developments, maintaining green spaces. There were others, such as public transport and leisure facilities.

The next meeting, I believe will be in October.

We currently have 6 councillors on the Parish Council and need 9 for the size of Evercreech in order to service the whole community.

If this is something you may be interested in, please contact the Clerk below, it’s easier than you think. An election is rarely needed and has never happened in my term of office; co-option is generally how it happens. A simple application is all that’s needed. Or maybe you’ll know someone who would be interested.

Saddened to see that the tree planted for the Coronation was vandalised.

But happy to say a huge thanks to local businessman Tony Guidi and 3 Solutions for donating a kitchen and worktops, plus a heap of paint to the new Youth Club building, currently being refurbished. Extremely generous and appreciated greatly.

Next PC meeting will be 5th September at 7pm village hall.

Lesley Parham

Chair – Evercreech Parish Council

July 2023

We were pleased to hear that Stoney Stratton has now match funded our contribution towards moving the 30 MPH limits and plans will be put in place to facilitate the work.

We are awaiting decision regarding installation of a SID (speed indicator device) for the entrance to the village and we will be discussing at the next meeting the possibility of another at Pecking Mill corner.

Speed is an ongoing issue in the village and surrounding area. We can’t stop bad drivers but mitigate the risks as much as possible by providing deterrents when we can.

The Skate Park plans have been approved and now waiting the next stage to begin. We would like to thank NASS for their generous donation of 6k towards the project.

Unfortunately, we have had another councillor resign, Cllr Mackness (what are we doing to them? I hear you ask) this was due to work related commitments. This now leaves us with 3 vacancies.

The role is a voluntary one and can be demanding and frustrating at times but also rewarding, we work well together in a non-political environment with the best interest of the village at the heart of discussions and decisions. We invite anyone interested to apply.

Looking forward to the LCN (Local Council Network) to see if it is of benefit to the way we do things in the future,

Any questions, please contact the Clerk.

Next PC meeting will be 1st August at 7pm village hall.

Lesley Parham – Evercreech Parish Council

May 2023

A busy month with lots happening.

The Annual Parish Meeting took place late April with lots of local groups attending. This is an informal meeting each year for the Parish and not a council meeting.

The PC then held its annual meeting, and it was a great pleasure to be voted on as chair again for this forthcoming year.

We still have two vacancies, if you are interested then please contact the clerk

It is a voluntary role but can be very rewarding, getting involved with the community.

We were pleased to be able to support the “Old Stores” this month with funding towards their work shops.

The village enjoyed the ever-popular Jack in the Green event, and May Day celebrations.

There were several activities around the Kings Coronation weekend, including live streaming of the concert in the Village Hall with refreshments and cakes supplied by the WI and crown making for the children. Donations were taken and raised over £80 towards the Evercreech Larder.

The children from the school had showcased their Castles that they had made from recyclable materials.

The Big lunch was also held in the hall on the Sunday and The Cedars held a street Party in the afternoon. Some residents were doing their own version of a street party with people coming together all over the village. Live streaming of the Concert in the hall Sunday evening.

Something for everyone.

The PC would like to thank all the volunteers involved.

Lesley Parham - Chair Evercreech Parish Council 

April 2023

 I am pleased to announce I was elected as Chair for another year at least.

And Cllr Gail Wakeford as Vice Chair.

We still have 2 vacancies on the council if you would like to get involved?

We are happy to say the PC have been able to support to the Citizens Advice Bureau, who provide an extremely essential service, especially in challenging circumstances. And also, to “The Old Stores” in their planned Jack In the Green event plus a crown making workshop which will support the Kings Coronation.

The PC has planted a Mallus Crab Apple tree in Queens Road Playing Field to commemorate the Kings Coronation, thanks go to Cllr Jane Mackness. A plaque will be placed on the wall in front.

The PC have also purchased Commemorative Bookmarks for all the school children.

Skatepark update:

A Public Consultation was held with the designer on Monday 17th April.

There was a good turnout and nice to see residents engage in the project.

This means that a after a few tweaks to the original design, it can go to fabrication stage.

Its still likely that construction will be towards the end of the year but once fabricated will be ready to go.

We are still in need of funds for the skatepark if anyone is keen to help.

Date & Time of next meeting:

Full Council Meeting 02 05 23 7.00 pm, Evercreech Village Hall.

Enquiries to

 Lesley Parham - Chair Evercreech Parish Council

March 2023

Unfortunately, one of our recent Councillors has now had to resign due to circumstances beyond their control, which leaves us with a vacancy again if you think you may be interested.

We are planning another litter pick in the village Wednesday 22nd February at 10am to complete Leighton lane and Pecking Mill, then up as far as the bridge in Weston town.

I would like to thank Peter Greens yard crew for maintaining the area around Leighton lane that we’ve cleared already.

There will be more of these to follow as it’s the perfect time of year, now the hedges are being cut, it is exposing the awful litter left behind and the weather so far has been favourable. If anyone wishes to join us or can identify an area that would benefit from a pick, then please make contact.

An issue which has become apparent and has been raised several times, is the parking around Victoria Square. It’s becoming very congested, and can we please ask residents that have no choice but to drive to the co-op etc just to be mindful of the yellow lines, opposite Queens Road, and park respectfully of others.

There will be some form of celebration organised for the village surrounding the Kings Coronation, yet to be decided and in early stages of planning.

If you need any further information regarding anything above, then please contact the clerk

Next full council will be March 7th at 7pm in the village hall.

Lesley Parham

Chair, Evercreech Parish Council

February 2023 

The PC met on the 10th of January, a little later than usual due to the Christmas holidays.

We had a record number of public attendance due to a contentious planning application which was for up to 56 houses opposite Bridge Close.

To which the council unanimously recommended refusal.

It would be nice to see more attendance at the meetings and hear your points of view and you’ll have the opportunity to observe how we conduct council business.

We have now filled the vacancies for councillors and have full capacity of 9 members.

Welcome to Councillor Murray Stewart, who some of you may know has already sat as a councillor and chair and has a thorough knowledge of a working council, and to

Councillor Peter Bradshaw who brings a wealth of knowledge having sat as a District Councillor for many years.

Both councillors I’m sure will be an asset in taking the council forward. They will be appointed to committees at the next full council meeting.

There are still ways to be involved in the Parish, just recently we conducted a very successful litter pick in Leighton Lane which has now resulted in the Industrial estate going to take more effort into its upkeep. More Litter picks to follow. If you see an area that would benefit, then please let us know. Also, if you witness any wilful littering or vandalism then please inform the police also.

Thank you

Chair. Lesley Parham

Next parish meeting 7/2/23 at 7pm

January 2023

It was a great pleasure to be part of the Tree Lighting ceremony in the Village. It is without doubt a really popular event judging by the amount of people who attend each year. Who doesn’t like a bit of carol singing on a crisp winters evening. Thanks, must definitely go to the Old Stores for their hard work all day creating decorations with members of the Parish, and to the church for creating a warm space to gather afterwards and enjoy a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine with friends. The perfect way to start the Christmas festivities.

The Parish Council are in the process of seeking renovation for the Village Cross monument in the hope we can preserve this historic part of the village for years to come. The bench has been restored has already been installed and new plaques are being ordered; one to replace the previous and a new one to mark the Late Queen's Jubilee.

On the subject of benches, we will be removing a bench from Queens Road Playing Field as it is now beyond repair, this would be an opportunity if anyone in the village would like to install a memorial bench once the space becomes available.

We are pleased also to tell you that a company has been approached regarding the build of a new skate park and we are awaiting a schedule of works.

We still have a vacancy for a Councillor, if you would like to get involved then please contact the clerk in the first instance.

Finally, I wish/hope you have/had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Next Full council will be 10th January 2023

Lesley Parham Chair 

 October 2022

The PC are delighted to welcome Jane Mackness as new member of the council. Jane comes from Stoney Stratton, and is doubly welcome as it is a boon to have members from all over the parish. We still, however, have a vacancy so wherever in the parish you live, if you wish to help the community, please get in touch with the clerk.

Many thanks must go to the Glastonbury festival for their generous donation towards the skateboard park appeal. This has enabled us to ask companies to tender to replace the equipment. Hopefully this should be ready for active members of the community to enjoy next summer.

It seems very early as I write this, but preparations for this years Village Christmas tree and lights are well underway. The turning on of the lights does seem the start of the festive season! The bench in church square is being refurnished and the grit bins will be refilled before winter.

Lastly, dont forget the bonfire at Weston town playing fields, on the 5th November, entry only £5, children free. Always a good night, with thanks to the sports club and the church for making the night go with a bang.

Keep safe and well

Rob Reed

Evercreech Parish Council

September 2022

In light of recent events surrounding the death of our Queen, it seems almost disrespectful to speak of Skatepark tenders,


Playground repairs, dog bin replacements etc and all the basic but necessary functions of a Parish Council.

So instead I will speak of family and community. Our Queen could have been considered the head of the nation’s family.

A constant in our lives the bearer of a huge responsibility to whom we would look to for guidance and sovereignty.

And yet still a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

A remarkable lady, hardworking and did it all with a sense of humour and dignity.

My thanks to you.

Thanks also to the Village Hall hosting the streaming of Her Majesty’s funeral allowing the community to come together and pay their respects.

In true spirit of this village.

Lesley Parham


August 2022

Skatepark working group met this month and are in the process of putting the contract out to tender.

This will allow interested companies to bid for the contract.

Fund Raising is ongoing and we would like to thank Michael Eavis for his very generous contribution.

This is frustrating to the parish children still waiting for it be replaced but we need it to be a sound investment and hopefully one that will last the test of time.

Now would be the opportunity to approach us with your thoughts on the design and layout.

Apologies from previous update regarding BMX track, apparently not yet usable, this is something we will look at once the Skatepark is underway.

It saddened me to discover that the grit bin has been removed/stolen from the Cemetery. I can’t fathom why someone would do such a thing.?

This will be replaced by the council and yet another expense incurred from theft/vandalism.

We rely on people’s vigilance in these matters and appreciate any information confidentially passed on to us.

The Ex Greencore-site planning application was refused by Mendip District Council.

The Parish council still have 2 vacancies if anyone feels they could make a difference then please contact the Clerk

Finally, please look out for us at the Village Show Saturday 3rd September at

Weston town playing fields, we would be happy to hear any ideas or suggestions you may have.


Lesley Parham

July 2022

The Parish meeting on July 5th was not well attended due to several Cllrs being on holiday. Therefore, we decided to hold off on some decisions till more members available.

We have received no update regarding the Greencore application.

We did however have news that the youth club will reopen shortly at their current location while work commences on the building that was the cricket club.

The skatepark is currently awaiting a start date and the BMX track at Weston town is now usable again thanks to the efforts of Cllr Chinnock.

The Parish Council has a vacancy, and we are looking to co-opt members. Please contact the Clerk to lodge an interest

 Lesley Parham


Chair, Evercreech Parish Council


 June 2022



As the newly elected Chair of the Council, I would just like to thank Councillor Rob Reed for his commitment to the role over the past few years.

I would like to tell you about the following issues that the Parish Council needs your help with:

The skateboard park – new working group members needed!

The replacement is taking far too long, and we need plans in place to move it forward. We are aiming to invigorate the working group with new members.

Footpaths officer needed!

We need a volunteer who would be keen to walk the village, inspect our public footpaths and report back to the Parish Council.

New Parish Council member needed!

Would you like to make a real difference and get involved?

If you can help or are interested in finding out more about these opportunities to get involved and help – please email the Parish Clerk:

Coming Soon!

A fantastic group of local people have put together a variety of activities for a real Royal celebration over the Jubilee weekend. There will be something for everyone and a chance to get together in a very social way. Look out for leaflets around the village and go to the What's Up In Evercreech Facebook page for up to date information. Leaflets will be coming through your door very soon!

The cricket pavilion has been fenced off for safety reasons and plans are underway for renovation. However, it seems the fencing is not a deterrent for some. We would encourage anyone to come forward with information of vandalism of any kind. Once renovated, this will be a huge benefit to the local Youth Club and the village.

The June Parish Council meeting will be held on 6th June at 7 pm.

Lesley Parham

Chair, Evercreech Parish Council

 May 2022

One of the major questions I get asked whilst going around the village is ‘What is going to happen to the cricket club pavilion?’

Since the club ceased playing, it has been falling into disrepair and become unsightly. However, after a lot of legal niceties we have come to an agreement with the cricket club that the PC will take over the pavilion, and will lease it to the youth club, who are delighted to acquire some extra space.

The cricket club have generously offered to pay for a major part of the refurbishment, including initially supplying safety fencing, so both the PC and the youth club are extremely grateful to them. However, there will be some extra fundraising needed to complete the project, but I hope and expect the village to rally round and support the extra provision of much needed facilities for the young people of our community.

The current Parish Council comes to the end of its four-year term in May. At the time of writing, the nominations for the next council have closed, and it seems that there have been less nominations than places. This is disappointing but does give residents the opportunity to apply to be co-opted. If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor, please e-mail the clerk.

The May meeting of the PC will be Tuesday 10th May, a week later than usual because of the unitary elections on the 5th of May. The annual Parish meeting, where we will get reports and be able to question all the village organisations will be on the 24th of May, 7PM at the village hall.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Rob Reed

Chair, Evercreech Parish Council


 April 2022

Well at last Spring is here, and as we shake off the winter blues, our thoughts turn to the national spring clean, which this year runs from 25th March to the 10th of April. The Parish Council is wholeheartedly supporting the event, and are asking residents to clean/tidy/litter pick in the area around their houses, to help keep Evercreech the kind of community we are all proud to live in.


The skateboard park project is still ongoing, we have had some good news on our grant applications. No decision on type of park has been finalised, but there is a working party looking at it, and we are always looking for fresh ideas, so if you are keen to help progress the project, please get in touch with the clerk.

Speeding in the village continues to be a worry. The speedwatch group is continuing to try to keep us safe on the entrance to the village on Prestleigh Road. However, Southwood is problematic with the industrial estate expanding, traffic increasing, and there being no speed limit past the residential properties. This highways issue is the responsibility of the county council, and we are talking to them about what can be done. In fact, we are so concerned we have put monies aside to implement any works agreed with the county council as soon as possible.

And finally, the term of this Parish Council comes to an end with elections for a new council on May 5th. If you are community minded, please consider standing for council, nomination forms are available on Mendip DC’s website, and must be delivered there in person by April 5th.

Best wishes to you all

Rob Reed

Evercreech Parish Council


 March 2022

 March already, and Spring is springing in. With the days lengthening, we can look forward to sunnier times ahead.

 The PC are doing just that and looking forward to the 4 day bank holiday in June which will be a jubilee to celebrate the Queens 70 years on the throne. There is a group organising village events for the Sunday; all offers of help appreciated. We are also hoping to have a beacon on Smalldown Hill as part of the National chain of beacons. We are all praying that the weather stays fine, and a memorable weekend will be had.

There is also a national drive to plant as many trees as possible under the heading ‘The Queens Green Canopy.’ This is an excellent project, as we all know and appreciate the good trees do not just for the environment, but for our own wellbeing. The Show Society has taken this on board, and in partnership with the Sports Club, will be tree planting at Weston Town sports field. Thanks to both organisations for that.

The PC is still short of a member, so please, if interested in village affairs, contact the clerk, and we would be delighted to have you join us.

Keep well, and if digging and tidying up the garden, don’t do too much too quickly. Spring is the season of bad backs!

Rob Reed

Evercreech PC

 February 2022

February already, and signs of spring are arriving earlier and earlier. Apologies for the late change of date for the PC in January, but from February, it will return to the first Tuesday of the month.

A large number of residents did, however, turn up, and there was a lot of concern this month about the application to relax the noise and dust control conditions put on the aerobic digester at Southwood. The light pollution and odour from the site were also brought up.

The PC agreed with residents that there was no evidence to show relaxing of the rules were necessary. In fact, there is a good argument that they should be tightened. The PC has objected to the proposal in the strongest possible terms.

The Queens jubilee next June was also raised. We are still looking for volunteers to help organise the weekend events, particularly the proposed street party on the Sunday. If you are able help, please contact the clerk,, or Helen the vicar, who I know is also keen to get things up and running.

Keep well,

Rob Reed, Evercreech Parish Council


 January 2022

 As I write this, Christmas is just around the corner, so it feels strange to say I hope it was a good one for you, I can, however, wish you a happy and prosperous new year, and a particularly healthy one with the covid virus raising its head again.


The Parish Council budget for next year has been approved; our asset review has shown a lot of maintenance to be addressed, so an appropriate increase in the council tax has proved unwelcome but necessary.

Thinking ahead to next year, the ongoing problem of lost lorries in the village will have to be a major focus. The county council have been promising a review and proposal for more efficient signage for some time, but it has yet to come to fruition, so we shall continue to chase.

We also hope that the owners of the eyesore former Greencore site come forward with a realistic and sensible application for its future.

The government have confirmed that an election to the new unitary county council will be held in May. It is increasingly likely that the election for the Parish Council will be brought forward and held on the same day. So if you are keen on helping your community please consider putting yourself forward

Best wishes for a safe January

Rob Reed (Evercreech Parish Council)


December 2021

Well, December here already, and the festivities seem to start earlier and earlier.

The Parish Council has again organised the erection of Christmas trees around the village, with the centrepiece being the large village tree opposite the church. I write this before the official opening on the 27th November, so am looking forward to the event, with the church supplying mince pies, etc., and no doubt plenty of carol singing as well. It is a week earlier this year because of all the other events in the village, so a packed festive period awaits.

In more mundane matters, our annual asset inspection revealed a lot of maintenance to be caught up with, so next year’s budget setting, which has started already, will prove challenging.

A big thank you to our finance officer, Julie Bolton, for seeing us through the budget before moving on to bigger things, she will be missed, and the search for a replacement has begun.

We also still have a vacancy for a councillor, so if you are interested in either of these posts, please e-mail for further details.

Until next month, have a very merry Christmas!

Rob Reed (Chair, Evercreech PC)



November 2021

 As the leaves in the garden are turning bright red, we are aware of the year slipping away, and our thoughts are inevitably drawn to December events.


The Parish Council will once again be erecting the traditional Christmas tree in the square opposite the church, which has proved very popular with residents, and will encourage local businesses to do the same.

The official opening will be a little earlier this year, on Saturday 27th November, because of clashes with other events on the usual 1st Saturday of December. We are hoping to take advantage of the hospitality of the church with some carols, etc., starting at 6PM. Many thanks to the old stores studio for letting us tap into their electricity supply, and I very much look forward to seeing you all there.

Once again, we are revisiting traffic signage, and will be pressing once again with highways to improve the HGV directions, to reduce lorries having to reverse in the village, and from requests by residents will be investigating the possibility of a speed limit being introduced at Southwood.

We have had to pay for repairs to the playground at Queens Road because of vandalism; this is very disappointing. The cost lands on us all through the council tax as well as stopping the youngsters getting full benefit from the equipment. We hope to replace the waste bin sometime in the new year.

I am looking forward to the fireworks at Weston town on the 6th November. 7PM start, £4 entry fee, children free, this is a spectacular event, and must rate as one of the bargains of the year. Thanks to the Sports club for hosting, and the church, who will be providing their usual excellent refreshments.

Best wishes

Rob Reed, Evercreech Parish Council.


 October 2021


Many thanks to everyone who came to say hello at the Parish Council stand at Evercreech show. We were very lucky with the weather and spent a very pleasant afternoon discussing rights of way, recycling, and all things in between.


We were very pleased with the feedback we had on our query as to whether replacing the skatepark was a priority for the village. The many responses received showed that almost unanimously that it is. Not only that, but we had offers of help from villagers, and some will now be joining the councils working party which is already putting in applications for grant funding from various sources, so hopefully it shall be replaced.

September sees the start of hedge trimming season, and we shall be doing that, as well as the regular weeding and millennium garden maintenance as we prepare for winter.

Once again, we are looking forward to the return of the bonfire and fireworks at Weston town sports field, it was missed last year. With health & safety at the heart of the event, the organisers have kindly asked residents not to bring any material to put on the bonfire, as its composition is carefully controlled.

Thank you and keep well.

Rob Reed, Evercreech Parish Council

 September 2021

 With September upon us, life returning to normal after covid and schools returning after the summer break, we can now catch our breath and look and plan ahead with some optimism.

 Thinking ahead, we were lucky enough to welcome a representative of the Lord Lieutenant of Somerset at our last meeting who addressed us on county wide plans for the celebration of the queens platinum jubilee next year.

He quite rightly pointed out that this would be the first platinum jubilee in history, and one that would be unlikely to ever be repeated, and as such we should mark the event with enthusiasm and celebration, and the council agreed.

He went on to detail arrangements in place, which are that there will be an extended bank holiday weekend on the 2nd-5th June. There will be no late May bank holiday.

There will be the traditional lighting of beacons across the county on the Thursday night. They are aiming for 70 county wide to celebrate 70 years. We are hoping that we will be able to light our traditional beacon on top of Smalldown hill, and that our colleagues in Milton Clevedon parish will be lighting one on Creech hill.

There will be a platinum party at the palace, a special trooping of the colour, and other events, but we are being encouraged to support a celebratory village lunch on the Sunday. This proved very successful and popular when done for the golden jubilee, and I’m sure will be again.

This and any other event that the village would like to organise will take a lot of organisation, so we are looking to volunteers of individuals and village groups to step forward and help turn this into a very memorable weekend indeed. Please contact the clerk if you are able to help at all, the village will be very grateful.

A quick thanks also to the sports club for assisting with the annual flower show, and the loan of their pavilion facilities. I know this has been a great help to the horticultural society.

The PC will be having a stand at the show, so for any queries, complaints, or offers of assistance, please pop along!


August 2021 

What a delight to be back in the village hall for our monthly meetings, and thanks to all the members of the public who turned up with views to be heard, and questions to ask. We took that as a sign that despite the strange year behind us, community spirit is alive and well in Evercreech.

Well, what a summer this is turning out to be! After a slow start the lawns, gardens, hedges and particularly weeds have taken off at phenomenal speed. The council will start the hedge trimming season as soon as the nesting season is over, which legally is mid-August, and will actively ask landowners and the highways to trim any particularly dangerous growth, although we do support the leaving of areas for wildlife. Indeed, there is a small rewilding area at Queens Road playing fields.

Our street cleaner Mary-Lou continues to be appreciated around the village, but as the weed growth has made the village look a bit unkempt, there was a suggestion that we tap into our community spirit, and have a ‘tidy and weed the front of your house’ day. This was accepted by us, so keep a lookout for further details!

You may have noticed the skateboard ramp at Weston town has been dismantled after the safety inspector condemned it. On demolition the supporting framework was shown to be on the verge of collapse, so the decision to remove was proved correct. We hope to replace the equipment as soon as possible, but timing depends on a successful grant application, which is ongoing, and input from the young people of the village to confirm what they would like it replaced with.

We are all fed up with the eyesore that was the Greencore site in the middle of the village, and the recent fire highlighted the security aspects. We debated the latest planning application, and as it differed very little from the last, except for increasing highway and other concerns we again objected. We now await Mendip’s response.

Have a great summer, and if you can’t make the next meeting at 7pm on the 3rd August, we hope to see you at the village show in September where once again we will have a stall.

Keep well.

Rob Reed

Chair, Evercreech Prish Council


 July 2021

It was great relief to finally be able to meet up again in the village hall for our socially distanced June meeting. The zoom meetings were adequate but frustrating, and another step on the road beyond covid is surely to be welcomed.

It was noted the rubbish bin outside the village hall had seen better days, and was in need of replacement. One has been ordered, so hopefully replaced soon. Mary-Lou has been out and about keeping the village spic and span, doing a grand job, but it would help everyone enormously if we all picked up our own rubbish, in particular dog poo, which is again appearing far too regularly.

Debate was had on the future of the condemned skatepark at Weston town. The harras fencing protecting it has been moved and bent, so a possibility is to remove the skateboard track completely whilst we apply for grants to renew. This would at least comply with health and safety requirements.

Sport is returning to the playing fields, including a new rugbytots session at Queens Road starting shortly, so the village is springing back into life at last.

The next PC meeting is Tues 6th July, once again at the village hall. Public welcomed as always, we look forward to seeing you there.

Rob Reed

Chair, Evercreech PC.


May 2021

Well, at time of writing spring is struggling to be sprung, but glimpses of good times ahead abound.


The plant sale on Queens Road playing field, along with the yard trail were a huge success, and it was very pleasing to see the play area being used and enjoyed by so many young people. It is a great asset to the village, so disappointing to see damage to the railings. Let’s hope this is a one-off and thanks to the member of the public who remedied the situation so quickly.

The book swap in the old phone box is up and running; and maintenance to our benches and other assets will continue over summer.

The new councillors are settling in well. Michael Muncer has taken on the role of footpath officer, and in conjunction with the rights of way team at Somerset CC, will monitor the paths in the parish. If you do come across an issue, please get in touch.

We have again objected to the Greencore application. The retention of the silk mill is to be welcomed, but amongst other faults, the density of proposed housing is too great. Rumours abound that another application will be forthcoming, we shall wait and see.

It was nice to get a glowing audit report from our auditor. Thanks to all councillors for their work to make this happen, but particular praise for

our Clerk Lynn Crisp and Financial Officer Julie Bolton, who have gone above and beyond this year.

With covid now in retreat (hopefully) we shall be reverting to our monthly meeting in the village hall. The next is Tuesday 1st June, 7pm. I look forward to be able to meet in person at long last, and as always we will welcome members of the public.

Keep well.

Rob Reed

Chair, Evercreech Parish Council


Well what gloomy months January and February can be! Cold and wet, and this year locked down as well.

However the evenings are getting lighter, a precursor to March heralding the arrival of better weather, and with vaccinations getting into full swing, things will look much brighter shortly.

The Parish Council have spent the last few weeks deliberating its budget for next year, not an easy task. As I reported last month, our audit report flagged up financial issues, which have led us to employ a financial officer to oversee its control. However, after many hours she and the finance chair produced a balanced budget, which was accepted by full council, so many thanks to them. The rise will be higher than we hoped, but Evercreech Parish will still have amongst the cheapest precept in the Mendip area, and will continue to provide the services residents expect.

Our monthly safety report on the play areas highlighted serious faults in the skate park at Weston town which led to us having to close it, and fence it off. At time of writing we are awaiting quotes for repair, and I will keep you updated.

The hedge between Queens Road playing fields and Shapway estate has been under scrutiny since the cricket club are no longer maintaining part of it. After speaking to several residents and receiving a report from our tree surgeon, we shall be considering what action, if any, to take. We will keep residents informed before anything happens.

Finally a reminder that we still have a vacancy for a councillor. If you are interested in village life, and want to support the community, please contact the clerk, for an application form, or to find out more about the position, contact myself at

Rob Reed Chair – Evercreech Parish Council

February 2021 

I hope you have had a peaceful & safe Christmas, and we are all hoping for a happy new year with some return of normality. The village Christmas tree was again sponsored by the Parish Council, and along with trees and decorations from local businesses and residents, despite everything, the village got into the festive spirit, so thanks to you all.


Whatever else life throws as us, budgets are here to stay. As we realised the increasing workload coming our way, as well as the recommendations of our auditor, it was clear that we needed some more professional help, and so we have welcomed Julie Bolton to the team as finance officer. She was thrown into the deep end a little, with budget preparations under way, As an Evercreecher herself we look forward to her expertise assisting us.

Sadly, the street cleaner has had to resign because of health issues, so we wish him the very best, thank him for his services, and at time of writing, the vacancy is being advertised. Hopefully, we should have someone in place earlyish in the new year to help keep the village spic and span.

The tree surgeon will continue to pay attention to the trees and hedges, and the collapsed doggie waste bin at Stoney Stratton will be replaced shortly.

A matter of concern continues to be the future of the old cricket pavilion at Queens Road. It has not been used for a while, with its condition unclear. However, after discussions with the cricket club, a possible solution has been reached, and hopefully its future will be resolved shortly.

So, once again, happy new year to you all

Rob Reed, Chair, and Evercreech Parish Council

January 2021 


With our objection to the plans at the Greencore site in and being considered at Mendip, we are now looking ahead to winter by checking and refilling the grit bins as well as organising the now traditional Christmas tree in church square. Unfortunately, the lockdown means there will be no carols sung or mince pies eaten at switch on this year, but we hope it can be a bright beacon for better times to come.

It is also the time to start thinking about next year’s budget, and the council’s priorities. We have had a one-off grant from Mendip because of the covid crisis, and we have ring fenced some of that for better signage to reduce (stop?) the amount of lost HGV’s turning in the village. What else are the villages priorities? We would like any suggestion that would benefit the community. We have noted that the skatepark at Weston town is showing its age. Should replacing it be a priority, or should the money go elsewhere? Please let us know your thoughts, either to myself, or the clerk,

If you want to know more about the workings of the council, let me point you towards our website, which details parish services and village history as well as the zoom code for council meetings, which continue on the first Tuesday of the month.

May I wish all residents a happy Christmas and prosperous new year and give all our thanks for help provided when asked for.

Rob Reed

Chair – Evercreech Parish Council

December 2020


Parish Council matters this month very much concentrated on the planning application for the Greencore site which was before us.


We were very much hopeful of meeting in the village hall to hear as may views from the public as possible, but changing covid guidance meant we had to resort once again to zoom, so many thanks to the many people who took the time to join us, and we did get to hear from many residents.

The council decided unanimously to object to the application, not only because the number of houses was considered excessive, but it fails to deliver any community benefit to the village. We were particularly disappointed that after many meetings with the developers, they totally disregarded our stated wish for a bigger shop and retention of the silk mill. As this is such an important site in the middle of the village, we are now investigating the possibility of employing an external planning expert to help us through the application, and of course, as Mendip will make any final decision, we will be working closely with our Mendip councillor, Barry O’Leary as the application proceeds.

Covid has also made its presence felt in that the much anticipated and enjoyed fireworks in the playing field has had to cancelled, but new guidance will allow a restricted socially distanced remembrance service in the cemetery. There will be no church service, or parade, but wreaths will be laid, so many thanks to the Legion for organising this. There is also no house to house collection either, so please consider buying your poppy at one of the other outlets.

I expect all our meetings will be on zoom for the foreseeable future, so please check the notice board and website for details, all meetings open to the public as usual.

Keep safe and well

Rob Reed

Chair, Evercreech Parish Council

November 2020 


As I write this in the late summer sun, it is hard to believe that I am already writing for the October magazine, but with the playing field hedges cut and ongoing tree maintenance work from out tree surgeon it is a sure sign that we are well through autumn.


The COVID 19 virus is raising its head again, so October’s Parish Council meeting on the 6th Oct. will again be on zoom. We are expecting a planning application in for the Greencore site, so we will see how many of the villager’s requests are included, and I expect a lively debate.

We try to keep in touch with residents however we can, so you may have already seen our facebook page pop up on What’s up in Evercreech. We have disabled comments, but if you feel strongly about any issue, on Facebook or not, please contact the clerk,

I shall finish with good news and requests for ideas. You may have heard that with help from our District Councillor Barry O’Leary we have received a COVID easing grant from Mendip D C of £10,000. This unexpected windfall is warmly welcomed, of course, but the question is, what do we use it for? The Councillors will be putting forward ideas, but if you have a pressing issue or pet project that will benefit the community, please e-mail the clerk at the above address. We know there is a lively community spirit out there, so let us help put it to work!

Thanks for reading, keep well and stay safe.

Rob Reed

Chair, Evercreech Parish Council

October 2020 


It was a pleasure to return to the village hall for our monthly meeting after having to resort to remote internet meetings for the last couple of months due to coronavirus restrictions. Following guidance social distancing was followed, as well as face coverings being worn, but with thanks to the village hall for allowing us to use their PA equipment, it was a small step back to normality.


Guidance has also allowed us to reopen the playground, albeit that it comes with a warning that we cannot regularly sanitize the equipment, so users are responsible for their own precautions. However, it was a delight to see it being used over the summer holidays, and I’m sure relief for both children and parents alike!

We are continuing to roll out a maintenance programme, following the update of our asset register, which means the refurbishment of all the seats in the village should be completed this summer, and following a tree survey, any works recommended for trees should commence after the nesting season ends on September the first.

The village bier, with was which was so expertly restored by prisoners at Shepton Mallet prison will be returning there after a request from the prison to put it on display. This also ensures its future security and safety, so thanks to the prison and the members of the public who brought it to their attention.

The Greencore site remains a major concern, with reports of vandalism and nuisance. The PC decided to support the efforts of our district councillor in getting the owner to provide more robust security on site, and will write to the owners to request just that. We will also compile a list of complaints and incidents as evidence for the owners, so if you become aware of any, please email the clerk at,

On a happier note, we were delighted to be offered some large historical photographs and other momentos which were rescued from the site by members of the history society. These are a quite stunning link to the history and development of the village, and we hope to be able to display these in a public place at the earliest opportunity.

Please keep safe, and the PC will be supporting the village again at our next meeting in the village hall, on Tuesday 1st September

Rob Reed

Chair, Evercreech PC

September 2020 


Welcome to my first scribblings as I unexpectedly find myself as Chair of the Parish Council after the resignation of Murray Stewart. 


I must first pay tribute and offer my thanks to Murray for his hard work and expertise during a very difficult transition time for the council, and I hope he can reflect on his successes during that time, such as the completion of the refurbishment of the playground at Queens Road, and I hope I can continue in the same high standard.

Talking of the playground, it unfortunately is still shut as a result of government guidance on Covid19 restrictions. The latest guidance allows it to open, but with such stringent conditions that we, along with other councils in the area, would find it impossible to adhere to. The guidance is being updated all the time, of course, and hopefully with summer holidays looming we can open it sooner rather than later.

The dilapidating Greencore factory is still causing concern. The developers, Lichfields, have put a consultation document on their web site, which is their consultation, which we welcome, but the PC had a working party which met with them and stressed our support for the retention of the old silk mill, the village need for a much larger shop, and the hope for a civic hub. We were very disappointed when none of these appeared in the consultation. They are obviously preparing to submit a planning application, so any further queries will be dealt with by Mendip District Council, and we shall supporting our Mendip councillor Barry O’Leary as it progresses.

I look forward to staying in touch with you through this excellent magazine, and if I can be of any help please do not hesitate to be in touch.

Best wishes

Rob Reed

August 2020


Despite the ongoing COVD-19 restrictions, including having to maintain social distancing, the street-cleaning and grass/garden maintenance activities have continued as normal throughout the month. Additionally, we have embarked on a programme of refurbishing/repainting the various council-owned benches sited around the village, including those situated in Stoney Stratton. Four of these benches, some bearing memorial plaques, have already been repainted as I write, and the rest will be actioned over the coming weeks.
There is also some good news for dog-owners in Horsehill Meadows. The council have now purchased a dog-Waste bin, which will be sited on Prestleigh Road, between Bridge Close and the Horsehill Meadows estate. This has long been requested by Horsehill residents, and hopefully will be of benefit to all dog-owners in this area of the village.
One interesting addition to the ‘Our History’ section of the Parish Council website, is the digitalised version of The Evercreech War Memorial Book - World War I. This 92 page book gives a detailed account of all the Evercreech villagers who enlisted to serve in that conflict. It has been painstakingly researched by Gill and David Lindsay, and compliments the Evercreech in World War II digital book that was published on the council website back in April.
Finally, whilst the children’s play area on Queens Road Playing Field has been closed due to the current restrictions, the opportunity was taken to make improvements to the ground in front of the Goal net, and the intercom system within the play area, by laying additional rubber/grass matting in these areas, the popularity of these items having resulted in the premature wear of the original surfaces. However, please note that the Play Area is closed until further notice in order to comply with the Government directive.
So despite the unusual circumstances that we find ourselves in at the moment, the Parish Council are continuing to work to improve and enhance the village for the benefit of all residents.
Log on to our website to keep up to date with the latest news from the County, District and Parish Councils.

Murray Stuart, Chair, Evercreech Parish Council

June 2020

It was extremely disappointing that, after months of preparation, the VE Day celebrations planned for the 8th/9th May had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 restrictions. It s hoped, however, to stage the event later in the year, once the restrictions are lifted, so look out for further details which will be posted on the Parish Council website.


One positive to come from the VE Day planning was the publication of a very interesting booklet by Gill Lindsay and members of the History Society outlining how Evercreech was affected by the events of World War II., a copy of which was uploaded to the council website and is available to view now.

I am also pleased to report that our Street Cleaner has recommenced his duties, and will be out and about keeping the village clean and tidy, whilst at the same time ensuring compliance with the current social distancing advice.

We have just been advised that this year’s NASS Festival, which was due to be held at the Bath and West Showground in July, has been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings, and will now take place between the 8th and 11th July 2021. More information on the implementation of the agreed improvements in the organisation of the event to avoid the problems experienced in 2019 will be available later this year.

Finally, we are continuing to hold our monthly ‘virtual ‘ Parish Council meetings on-line, and members of the public can view the agenda on the parish council website and forward their comments or questions to the Parish Clerk for consideration at the meeting by:

e-mailing, phoning 01749 830265 or writing to ‘Maestone‘ Enfield Drive, Evercreech, BA4 6LL prior to the meeting date.

Murray Stewart. Chair. Evercreech Parish Council

May 2020

Well, what a difference a month can make. In last month’s newsletter I was welcoming Holger Harras as our new street cleaner, but within 3 weeks of him starting his role we had to suspend street cleaning activities due to the social distancing requirements under the Governments COVID-19 legislation.

However the ground maintenance operation has continued, with the first grass cutting of the season being undertaken at the cemetery, Queens Road Playing Field and the Millennium Garden.

Following the introduction of the national lockdown, the Parish Council contacted both The Bell Inn and Evercreech Plaice regarding the provision of a hot meal facility for self-isolating and vulnerable households, and I am delighted to report that both businesses rose to the challenge and are now offering a hot meal take-away/ delivery service. Our thanks go to them for responding in such a positive manner, and to all at the Co-op and Evercreech Pharmacy for their valuable efforts in supporting the community in these challenging times.

With all public meetings banned, the Parish Council resorted to holding its April monthly meeting ‘on-line’, and although it was a much reduced agenda, we were able to respond to the planning applications, and to process the council’s financial transactions. As the restrictions are likely to be in place for some weeks, the council are now exploring the use of video-conferencing technology for its May and June monthly meetings.

These are difficult days for many people, but the parish Council remain committed to supporting parishioners at this time. Important notices are being posted on our website and the Parish Clerk can be contacted via the following links:-

Telephone 01749 830265.


Murray Stewart


Evercreech Parish Council 

April 2020

I mentioned last month that the Parish council had recruited a new street cleaner, and I am now pleased to welcome Holger Harras in that role. Holger, who lives in the village, started work on the 2nd March and, whilst it will take him time to visit all of his working area, I’m sure you will soon begin to see an improvement in the cleanliness of our streets and public areas as the weeks go by.
Whilst on the subject of improving the appearance of our village, I can advise you that the Parish council included the mowing of the grass area by the village sign/ planter on Prestleigh Road in its new, recently-awarded, 3 year ground maintenance contract, so the appearance of this important entry point to the village should now be properly maintained throughout the summer.
Finally, with the Coronavirus set to be with us for some weeks/ months to come, the Parish council have included a link on its website to the relevant NHS site where specific information about the virus, and what precautions to take, are available. You are strongly advised to view this and any other relevant information that the council will be posting on its own site as it becomes available.
Murray Stewart.
Evercreech Parish Council.

March 2020

People feature prominently in this month’s newsletter. Firstly, I am very pleased to welcome a new councillor to our team with Mark Saunders being unanimously voted on to the council at the February meeting.  Mark has lived in the village for 7 years, is already actively involved in charitable work, and brings knowledge and experience that will be a great asset to the work of the council in the future.

Secondly, after some delay, a new street cleaner has been recruited, and will commence working for the council on the 1st March. Further details will be given next month.

Finally, following recent problems with vandalism in and around the former Greencore site, the council has been actively engaging with the site owner to improve security, and I can report that additional measures are now being taken to deter trespassers from using the Queens Road gate and door as a means of entry to the site.

Keep up to date with all the latest news from the council, including the minutes of our meetings, by visiting the website

Murray Stewart.Chair Evercreech Parish Council  

January 2020

Following the contact details given last month for Lynn Crisp, the newly appointed Parish clerk, we also have a new telephone number for the Parish Council which is: 01749 830265. Please note however that this line is not manned continuously, but there is an answerphone facility to record messages.

The work to tidy up the cemetery has now been completed, in preparation for this year’s forthcoming anniversary celebrations, and whilst I am on the subject of the cemetery, the council have agreed to appoint a contractor to undertake the digital mapping of the entire cemetery site. This has been necessary to make the records suitable for use in the digital age, bearing in mind that the existing paper records are nearly 7O years old.

Lastly, the vacant position of Street Cleaner has now been advertised, and it is hoped to have him/her in place by the end of February, and that this appointment will address the concerns expressed since the retirement our former Street Cleaner last year.

You can keep up to date with all the latest Parish Council news by logging onto the website

Murray Stewart. Chair. Evercreech Parish Council

December 2019

With reporting restrictions still in place when the Newsletter went to press, this month’s item is shorter than usual.However, I am able to report that Lynn Crisp took up her new role as Clerk to Evercreech Parish Council on the 1st December, and I’m sure you will join me and the rest of the council in welcoming her, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership. Lynn’s contact details are as follows:- Mrs Lynn Crisp Evercreech Parish Council Maestone Enfield Drive Evercreech BA4 6LL E-mail 

The switching-on of the Community Christmas Tree lights on the 7th December was a great success, with a large crowd joining in the count-down, then singing carols before crossing the road to the Church to enjoy the mince pies and mulled wine, kindly provided by members of the congregation. One delightful feature this year was the large number of children holding their illuminated lanterns which they had made themselves during the afternoon workshop at the Old Stores Studio, an event supported by the Parish Council.

Finally I, along with the other members of Evercreech Parish Council, take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Murray Stewart. Chair. Evercreech Parish Council

November 2019 

This month’s article is shorter than usual, due to the publishing constraints placed on local councils in the run-up to the General Election on the 12th December. 

With the festive season fast approaching, the Council have again arranged for a community Christmas Tree to be erected near the Preaching Stone, opposite the Church, and this year the official ‘switch-on’ of the lights will be taking place at 6.30 pm on Saturday 7th December. Further details of this event are displayed in the News and Events section on this website.

In preparation for events next year to mark the centenary of the war memorial in the cemetery in February, and the VE Day 75th anniversary celebrations in the village in May, work will be taking place over the winter months to trim the existing hedges, shrubs and trees in the cemetery and, in a joint effort between the Woodland Trust and Evercreech Explorer Scouts, plant new trees and shrubs along the Northern boundary fence. Furthermore, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission have provided a sign for the entrance gate, indicating the presence in the cemetery of the four War Graves.There will be more information in the New Year about the village VE celebrations.

Murray Stewart - Chair Evercreech Parish Council

October 2019

In August I mentioned that the trimming of the laurel hedge running alongside the main footpath in the Millennium Garden was to be undertaken once the cutting restrictions had ended, so I am pleased to report this month that the work has now taken place, and the hedge reduced in height.

Also in August I stated that the council had yet to decide what action to take following the retirement of Tony Cooper, our street cleaner, so until a decision has been made, the litter baskets that were placed in various locations around the cemetery have been removed, and visitors are now asked to use the large green bin located at the cemetery entrance.During September, councillors have been out and about around the village recording details of council assets such as seats, benches, litter and dog bins etc., recording their location and condition. A programme will then be drawn up to to refurbish those in the poorest condition, thus improving the overall appearance of the village.

Finally, I am pleased to announce that the new Parish Council website has gone live, and can be accessed using ‘’. Do take a look, as it contains a lot more information and photographs than the previous one, and has interactive links to websites which we hope will be of benefit to the whole community.

Murray Stewart - Chair Evercreech Parish Council

September 2019

This month will see the roll-out of the new Evercreech Parish Council website, replacing the previous one, which was deemed to be unsatisfactory. The new site has been 6 months in development, and greatly expands the range of information that is available to the parish. Features include an interactive ‘ Report it’ page with links to Somerset County and Mendip District Council websites to cover issues such as street-lighting, roads and parking, waste/recycling collections, anti-social behaviour, planning and much more. Parish Council documents and facilities are listed along with a concise history of the village and its cemetery, kindly provided by members of the History Society, and a gallery page containing photographs provided by Harriet Fisher. It is hoped that the new site will become the ‘go-to’ destination for parishioners seeking information on all civic and community topics, with the ‘council notices’ page being updated on a regular basis. The site will become active in mid- September, the access details being announced on the What’s up in Evercreech Facebook site.

Murray Stewart Chair - Evercreech ParishCouncil

August 2019 

Hello everyone,By the time you read this the Millennium Garden, or the Millennium Jungle as it was referred to at the recent Annual Parish Meeting, will have received some intensive maintenance work to bring it up to an acceptable standard. To ensure the ongoing upkeep of the gardens, there will be fortnightly visits by the contractor up to the end of November, reducing to monthly visits from then until the end of March 2020. It is also the intention to reduce the height of the large Laurel hedge to approx 4 feet, in order to improve security by ensuring the garden area is visible from the main footpath. Hedge cutting restrictions however are in force between the 1st March and the 31st August, in order to protect nesting birds, so this particular exercise will not take place until September/October. Hopefully all this work will restore the garden to its intended role as a place of peace and tranquility, for the benefit of all parishioners.

It is with some regret that I have to announce that Tony Cooper, our long-serving street-cleaner has decided to park up his trolley and brush at the end of July, and enjoy the benefits of retirement. Tony has been a popular figure in the village over the past few years and has done an excellent job in keeping the streets tidy and litter-free. I’m sure you will all want to join me in thanking him for his efforts, and wish him a happy and enjoyable retirement.The council have yet to decide on what action to take regarding a replacement for Tony, but one possible outcome could be organising more frequent community litter-picks. Not only does this ensure that the village is kept tidy, but also makes the wider population aware of the consequences resulting from the careless discarding of litter.

Moving on now to the former Greencore site, many of you will have noticed the rather unpleasant aroma of decomposing dairy product originating from the the site over the summer months. The Parish council have been aware of this problem and have been in communication with the site owner regarding the matter. This has now resulted in the owner undertaking to arrange the removal of all residual product from the tanks and supply lines within the plant, as well as tidying up the site, following recent intrusions by trespassers. The future of the site has still to be decided, but the Parish Council working group are in contact with all the relevant parties, and will keep the community informed as negotiations progress over the coming months.

Murray Stewart - Chair Evercreech Parish Council